Disaster Preparedness & Recovery Program

Is Your Business Prepared For A Disaster?



of businesses affected by a disaster NEVER SURVIVE if not re-opened within 10 days of closure



of BUSINESS OWNERS NEVER RECOUP LOSSES as a result of a natural or man made disaster



of SMALL & MEDIUM SIZE BUSINESS have a disaster preparedness plan in place

About the Disaster Preparedness & Recovery Program

The Florida State Minority Supplier Development Council is helping minority-owned businesses recover from Hurricane Irma and take advantage of business opportunities resulting from the hurricane – a storm whose economic cost could reach a staggering $83 billion. Thanks to additional funds from the Minority Business Development Agency, the Council is playing a vital role in the recovery of minority-owned businesses throughout Florida.

As the operator of both the Miami and Orlando MBDA Business Centers, the Council will assist minority-owned businesses affected by Hurricane Irma. In an effort to help these companies regain normal operations as quickly as possible, the Council’s business consultants and disaster recovery specialists will conduct needs assessments, provide technical assistance and connect companies to state and federal resources.

In addition, the consultants will connect minority business owners with contracting opportunities and purchasing agents in the public and private sectors. The overall goal for the Miami and Orlando MBDA Business Centers’ Disaster Recovery Program is to help create and retain jobs during and after disasters. As always, the Centers will help companies obtain the certifications required to do business with federal, state and local governments, and assist business owners with identifying sources of funding, including restructuring of their financials.

The Centers will also work with businesses to develop their own Disaster Preparedness and Recovery plans. Companies seeking additional support in this area can sign up for one-on-one business technical assistance and counseling. Also, the program will host workshops and training sessions on disaster recovery and preparedness. The Council is helping MBEs weather the storm and emerge stronger than ever.


  1. Access to Disaster Recovery Loans
  2. Assistance with Disaster Recovery Contracts & Bids
  3. FEMA Registration & Support
  4. Access to Disaster Recovery Loans
  5. Assistance with Disaster Recovery Contracts & Bids
  6. FEMA Registration & Support
  7. Continuity Planning for IT, Cyber Security & Data Backups
  8. Comprehensive Risk Assessment
  9. One-on-One Business Consulting
  10. Business Impact Analysis
  11. Disaster Preparedness Planning
  12. Workshops featuring FEMA, the SBA, GSA and other Federal, State, Local and Regional partners

Call For Assistance

Miami MBDA Business Center

Tim Thompson
Business Consultant and Disaster Recovery Specialist
Office: (305) 762-6151
Mobile: (305) 310-3169
Email: tim@mbdamiamicenter.com

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Orlando MBDA Business Center

Russell Spears
Business Consultant and Disaster Recovery Specialist
Office: (407) 251-7021
Mobile: (407) 222-9423
Email: russell@mbdamiamicenter.com

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