Thirteen years ago, Sharon and Wayne Gill of Gill Law Firm P.A. established Oasis Compassion Agency with a 10% tithe from a legal fee received in 2002. Now, the agency operates a women’s center, a food pantry, a thrift store and career center. The agency has helped tens of thousands of people, including needy children. Oasis Compassion Agency is committed to showing God’s love in tangible ways by addressing the physical and spiritual needs of the poor and needy in central Palm Beach County. The organization works with clients to identify roadblocks to success, devise a plan to overcome them and act on the plan. Oasis has dispensed more than a million pounds of food to needy families and counseled hundreds of women. The agency has taken several women from living on the streets or sleeping in their cars to gainful employment and meaningful lives.

Oasis Compassion Agency

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