Lunacon Construction Group is a Hispanic woman-owned company that provides a broad range of construction management and general contracting services. Lunacon’s principals, Patricia Bonilla and Emilio Criado, believe that “only by giving are you able to receive more than you already have.” Lunacon is a sustaining member of SAME (Society of American Military Engineers). As part of the company’s leadership role with SAME, Lunacon spearheaded a “Beautification Day,” during which a total of 2,400 hours of community service, valued at $45,000, were given to 10 deserving low- and middle-income families and each received freshly painted homes. Bonilla and Criado are donors to the St. Louis Catholic Church and have given during the past year more than $22,000 to the Saint Louis Catholic Community One Church One Family Campaign. The company’s name, Lunacon, represents Bonilla’s and Criado’s beliefs and faith, with the moon representing God’s power. The company’s name is composed of two parts: “luna,” which is the Spanish word for moon, and “con,” the Spanish word for construction, because the principals strongly believe they help to build a stronger community by being actively engaged in making a difference.

Lunacon Construction Group