Leadership at M.C. Harry believes that the lack of African-American presence in architecture affects the richness of the industry as evidenced in other art forms that African-Americans have had a tremendous, global impact in, such as music, literature and acting. M.C. Harry’s initiative to open the architecture industry begins with African-American children, who the firm believes are largely unaware of the opportunities that exist in the industry. For 60 years, the firm has proven that diversity and inclusion are great assets, and one of its goals is to impact its immediate community with a free outreach workshop that goes into predominantly African- American neighborhoods to educate children about architecture with the Black Architects in the Making Program (BAM). M.C. Harry has collaborated with A1A Miami Chapter, Overtown Youth Center, Muhammad Mosque #29 and the New Educational Paradigm Center to conduct multiple workshops in Overtown, Liberty City, Homestead and Richmond, reaching out to more than 250 students

M.C. Harry & Associates

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